What We Do

Raj Foods has been manufacturing authentic, high-quality meals, cooked with traditional recipes, for over 35 years. We are the longest-serving providers of ethnic meals for the public sector within the UK. During this time, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the industry and sectors in which we work and forged strong relationships. We are proud that many of our clients have been satisfied customers for over 25 years.


Raj Foods manufactures and supplies authentic Halal ethnic meals to hospitals, meals on wheels services, care homes, schools and universities across the UK. Our range consists of Asian Halal, Asian Vegetarian, Gujarati, African Caribbean, Chinese, Middle Eastern, non-spicy Halal and Kosher meals to reflect and meet the needs of our multi-cultural society and diverse market place.

What We Stand For

Raj Foods is committed to providing meals of the highest quality. We recognise that our customers have real knowledge and understanding of the food they eat and authenticity is at the forefront of all our innovation and production.

Certified chefs oversee each and every type of meal preparation to ensure consistency and compliance with the vision and high standards we uphold to meet our customers’ needs.

All Raj Foods employees are thoroughly trained to fulfil set specifications and achieve the highest standards of excellence. The quality and processing procedures are regularly audited and reviewed to ensure compliance with Raj Foods’ objective of the continued improvement of quality and customer service.

How We Started

In the early 1980’s, Raj and Shobhna Radia had a vision of providing the same authentic, home cooked style meals that they grew up eating, to the general public. Despite both having a background in finance, they shared a passion for cooking and loved doing so for their family and friends.


In 1983, Raj Foods was born and started manufacturing ethnic savoury snacks and ready made meals for the retail sector. This quickly developed in to something much larger, than they ever could have imagined. They were approached to start supplying local hospitals and over three and a half decades later, they are one of the largest suppliers of Halal ethnic meals in the UK.